Using the hundred-year-old recipes given to us in the early seventies by master bakers from Milan, Lizzi still uses the old yeast strain in its products.
The natural yeast starter that we use every day in the production of our sweet croissants is a simple mixture with a high protein content made up of good quality flour mixed with air and water. The raising agent in baker’s yeast consists of a single microorganism called saccharomyces cerevisiae. It produces alcohol and carbon dioxide and works purely by alcoholic fermentation. A natural leaven starter works differently to baker’s yeast, using microorganisms contained in the air, flour and water, which feed on the starch contained in the flour, thus producing the gas that causes the product to rise. It allows the dough to ferment from within, resulting in a bake with natural yeasts and lactobacilli, which leads to the production of lactic acid and acetic acid.
Compared to baker’s yeast, natural leavening is much slower and more complex…it calls for:
- 36 hours of preparation for the natural yeast;
- 24 hours of resting the dough in a cold store, followed by more than 3 hours for the process of shaping, rising and fast freezing with liquid nitrogen…all of this contributes to the superior olfactory, taste and nutritional properties typical of our sweet croissants.
A history dating back centuries is preserved every day here at Lizzi for the delight of our customers and our passion for good quality.

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